Newcastle Student Houses offer first class, student homes with a family feel in the most popular locations
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Tel: 0778 845 2914


“Here is the opinion of the council official who registers and inspects my properties, after looking at one of the Jesmond student houses: This is the nicest HMO I have seen seen anywhere in Newcastle!”
M Warriner, Newcastle City Council

“Thank you for a great year in Jesmond. I am back at my parents now and their shower is rubbish compared to the ones in we had in the house at Mayfair Road”
T McCarthy

” Thanks for fixing the shower so promptly, much appreciated!”
J Russell

“Could not have asked for a better place”
M Thompson

“This is the nicest student house I’ve ever seen!”

T Hallgate

“The shower is so much better than the one we had in halls last year ”
G Booth

“Thank you so much for the new kitchen – its just so modern”
W Hansford

“Great big rooms, so much better than Uni halls”
R Hiley

“The house is really warm, so much better than the ones my course mates have rented”
M Simmons

“Thank you so much for the new ensuite”
B Wheeler

“Thank you for giving my son two super houses to live in for the past two years”
J. Mc Donnell Father of Newcastle University Students Union Society President and professional landlord.

“Have just come over to drop Jessica off at her new home. Really like the lovely big kitchen & modern bathrooms”
S Craven

“The new carpets are lovely, I would like some of these in my home”

“thanks for the new kitchen & bathrooms which were installed over the summer – the american fridge freezer is great”
R Otley